Drew Wrigley Forced Out

Wrigley, US attorney for ND forced out for a Dem of Osama Obama. Took lead in prosecution of man that kidnapped, raping, and murdering of Dru Sjodin UND female student. (A-Rod Alfonso Rodriguez). Wrigley expanded office from 10 to 17 attorneys, tripled cases, and more child porn cases, drugs cases, and reservation crime onIndians. Wrigley has applied for job with Blu Cross/Blue Shield/Noridian. One of Wrigleys low points was to let Child porn guy in Fargo go free and not prosecute in Federal Court like all the rest of child porn guys: this guy Robert Haseltine former school social worker and married to Rape and Abuse Center Director, Beth Haseltine. What goes around comes around ! Still time to prosecute Haseltine Mr. Drew Wrigley. Step up to the plate !

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