River City Speedway

Great races here tonight. Hot laps at 6:30 and racing at 7:30. 4 classes #77 won and #71 second. Dustin Strand #71. #12 spun out and was out of race. #21 won and 99 in second. Todd Johnson in #21. Midwest Mod. Then late models. #12 Brad Seng won and #99 in second. Sprint cars. #13 Dobmeir and #9 Nygard in second.Street feature won by #27. Funny story car came out of the pits and tire fell off and rolled on track: think the lug nuts not on or not tight ! #14 won is Erin Olson and #21 is second. Late model feature: #12 won and #4 in second. Sprint Car Feature: won by #13 and #9 Nydard is second. #21 was leading but hit another while going around lap cars, great racing between #13, #21, and #9.  #21 bend/snapped front axle and was out.  Rain about 5 pm but sun came outbut windy and cold after 8 pm. Ban smoking at the track !

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