Eugenics: Carrie Buck Sterilized

8,300 sterilized from 1924 to 1974 in Virgina. Buck was sterlized 80 years ago and recently died. Buck was the first "victim" of a 1924 Sterlization Law. Buck vs Bell case went to US Supreme Court. Eugenics was/is the science of human improvement through controlled breeding. "3 generations of imbeciles are enough" wrote in 1927 Court ruling by, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes Jr. The woman (Buck) got railroaded and one of the giants of US Supreme Court was driving the train ! The feeble minded got tubal litigation. Over 65,000 women in 30 states. History of eugenics: possible genetic improvement to humanity. During Nazi trial in Nuremberg after WWii they cited the influence of Americas eugenics program on Hitler. Sterilization as a remedy to a social problem.

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