Mike Jackson

He was a black man who wanted to look like a white woman ? Diagnosis : acute body dysmorphic disorder. At age 10: he was  handsome, black, and proud, he had soul and was super bad ! He had an Afro and danced like James Brown at age 10. In less than 10 years he would start looking like a white woman ! (post modern shape shifter). He hated what he seen in a mirror. He had a treatment that involved "complete depigmentation" of his skin from fingernails to toenails. He was almost all white, a condition called VITILIGO. He spent years and millions of dollars: slicing, chiseling, and burning his face and nose (his nose looks like it was made from Silly Putty). Mike was a chronic abuser of OxyContin, Demorel, and other drugs. IRIONIC: he died from cardiac arrest or no ryththm of the heart. Loss of oxygen and loss of soul. Drug addiction steals the spirit, creating pain, and only death can bring relief. RIP Mike !

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