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Murphy Brothers Carnival

Fargo now has the best rides and the newest and the biggest. This Sunday 100 units will head for Minot. www.murphybroscarnival.com

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Mike Jackson

Sister LaToya said he was killed and was surrounded by a bad circle. LaToya signed his death certificate and stated he had 4 needle marks in his neck.

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“Trailer Park”

Twisted and tawdry characters, a group of women and their boyfriends. Is it "South Park" meets "Desperate Housewives" ? Vulgar like a Jerry Springer tv show. It is a offensive stereotype. They state "spend 5 minutes in your local Walmart … Continue reading

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Ed Schultz vs Scott Hennen

Ed and Scott have had a recent business deal. Scott was in GF and moved to Fargo and ran WDAY Radio and now has his own station. Ed was with WDAY and KFGO, he now has a tv show and … Continue reading

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Swearing The New Aspirin ?

Why do women swear like a sailor during child birth ? Why do guys swear up a storm when they hit a finger while pounding a nail ? Why do little kids swear when they get mad at each other … Continue reading

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