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“No News” continued

"She could telephone, tell a friend, tell a lie about where she’s been. Send a pigeon, send a fax, write it on a post-it pad. Send a signal up in smoke, tap it out in Morse Code. I’d prefer a … Continue reading

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Judge Karen Braaten : Complaint

Original complaint letter was sent August 4, 2005 against Judge Karen Braaten (family law) to the Judicial Conduct Commission in Bismarck, ND. Judge Braaten gave the appearance of conflict of interest in that she drafted and signed a letter on … Continue reading

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“No News” by Lonestar

Greatest country song about : divorce, child support, runaway brides, child custody, domestic violence, alimony, and other relationships issues. I recommend all singles fathers to listen at least 10 times, if they are clients of mine. "She said its just … Continue reading

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