The Carnival Trip To Milwaukee

Well we got 40 trucks/semi trucks and trailers moved from Minot to Milwaukee. Left Grand Forks at 6 am to get trucks in Minot. Left Minot at 11 am down Highway #2. A few flat tires, need to put on fuel, and Highway Patrol stop outside Minot slowed the trucks down a little. Made it to Grand Forks and put on fuel, air in 2 truck tires that were low. Plus some fluids added and some snacks, and we were headed south to Fargo. Headed east out of Moorhead on I-94. Some trucks did 80 mph and others about 60. Hit St Paul area about 10 pm. Put on fuel,stop at Wal-Mart for snacks, ice, and fluids and funnel. Got lost for a couple miles at I-94/I-694/I-494 and #10 exit to Wisconsin. Pulled over to sleep a few hous in a shopping center on #10. Woke up at 6 am and beautiful sunshine. Put on fuel, snacks, and check out truck and trailer. Carnival trucks and rides all over the road going east to Milwaukee. Slow going up the hills on #10. Reach Osseo about 10 am and put on fuel, snacks and talk to a few other drivers. Lots of traffic on I-94. Beautiful countryside and lots of lakes. Hit Milwaukee at 2 pm. Other drivers arrived at 4 am. We leave Milwaukee for fast trip back to Grand Forks. More later.

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