Tonya Craft Found Not Guilty

Tonya Craft, age 37,kindergarden teacher from Ringgold, Georgia, was arrested 2 years ago, June 2007.  Found not guilty on all 22 counts by jury trial on May 11, 2010 after 5 week trial. 3 young girls age 5 and 6, one of her own daughters made child molestation allegations. Tonya faced over 400 years in prison if convicted on all 22 counts of child molestation, sexual battery, and aggravated child molestation. Tonya lost her 2 children and her house, but husband David Craft stood by her the whole time. Tonya will try to regain custody of her 2 children she hasn’t seen in over 712 days. Interview on NBC Today Show today May 12, 2010. She had 4 attorneys, they will all be on Larry King tonight. Tonya said : these false allegations can happen anytime, anyplace, and anywhere to anyone in USA.

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