Where Is Kathleen Morris?

Former Scott County Prosecutor, Kathleen Morris, of Jordan, Minnesota. Where is she ? Abuse of power against Morris. She was on a witch hunt for child abuse in families from Minnesota.Insurance companies dropped liability inurance for Scott County prosecutors, because of the number of lawsuits for making false allegations on child abuse ! Plus over 30 psychologists and social workers have also lost their liability insurance over these same false allegation lawsuits, brought by parents of the children involved. Attorney Earl Gray and Dr. Ralph Underwager are assisting in the lawsuits against Scott County. Over $230 million in lawsuits were filed against Morris and Scott County. Attorney General of Minnesota Hubert  Humphrey III called for Morris to resign. Morris spent 15 years in a radical commune in California, she let football players stay at her apartment, she allowed sex and drug parties at her apartment ! Where is Kathleen Morris ?

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2 Responses to Where Is Kathleen Morris?

  1. K says:

    I just saw her yesterday at the Scott County Courthouse. She is in private law practice and still destroying lives

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