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“No News” by Lonestar

Greatest country song about : divorce, child support, runaway brides, child custody, domestic violence, alimony, and other relationships issues. I recommend all singles fathers to listen at least 10 times, if they are clients of mine. "She said its just … Continue reading

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Toby Keiths Bar and Grill

Great Bar and Grill and gift shop located on 2nd floor of Harrah’s Hotel. Life country entertainment each night. Great french fries and cold beer. Plus great food in grill area or round bar.

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Doyle and Debbie Show

Its like watching a train wreck. Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn grew up on dirt floors and were stunned talking about the first time they walked on linoleum. Doyle makes fun of country music singers. Funny or not funny ?

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